Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Tennessee Moustache: Telling Logic to Simply Fuck Off.
- An observation by Eric Domkowski

This summer, when I was still living in SA, the daily paper, the Express News, published an article on how the moustache was no longer considered stylish for white males. In fact, the article was downright mean in regards to those who sport the upper lip fuzz. Now, I grew a fu-manchu last semester as a joke, and it didn't even last a week. I knew, everyone knew, that moustaches simply aren't cool right now. Maybe someday they will come back, but not now, and not in the near future.

Well someone didn't tell the entire state of Tennessee, especially my new hometown, Columbia. Moustaches are badges of pride here. Young men, old men, gay men, straight men...they all have them. It's like they didn't exactly get the memo. Of course, when your Jesus is Dale Earndhardt, and that man had a moustache to put Burt Reynolds to shame, it is understandable. Man, it almost makes me want to grow one. But not really.

The Olympics make me feel like a pedophile
Thank you, the gymnastics competition.

Tomorrow I will hit every pawn shop in this town in a mission to acquire a functional record player before I get back to school. Then I can play some analog bliss.


Life is white, and I am black. Jesus and his lawyer are comming back!

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