Sunday, July 31, 2005

For Your Listening Pleasure...

The King of Pallet Jacks, Part Uno - The Columbia Sponge Factory Experience (right click, "Save As")

Yes, I know it distorts in the first bar...I was tired and didn't want to play the whole thing over again. As for the references in the song:

Suzanne: Fat woman who works next to me...has an uncanny ability to eat all the ice cream sandwhiches that people bring and put in the break room freezer

David: Always has some sort of tabacco product in him (snuff, dip, cigarettes)

Megan: the other temp worker...I dislike her immensely.

The row no one dares to go: Aisle T

Ok, there we go. Hope you enjoy it. Ha!


Saturday, July 30, 2005

My World is Shaken...

There is another Eric Domkowski out there. Some guy who lives in NY and is a cyclist. Which makes me think we're probably related somehow. I used to think I was the only one...sigh.


Friday, July 29, 2005

They buried her alive, one evening 1945...

Slowly buy surely, my basement is looking and feeling more like a home. I set up the old stereo system tonight, as well as an ad-hoc coffee table, which is an old chest my dad used in college. I also mandated that Molly is to live inside with me, so she's chilling next to me as a write this tonight.

Only had to work until 11:30am today, that was amazing. Read a lot in East of Eden and recorded the Columbia installment of The Hometown Musical Saga, which is actually a parody of Neutral Milk Hotel's "King of Carrot Flowers, Part 1"...I call it, "King of Pallet Jacks, Part Uno." I think it's hillarious, I wrote it in my head when I had to do inventory consolidation this morning, so no one is really going to understand all the phrases. It's Spontex Specific.

I was going to give blood, but the BLOODMOBILE wasn't at Lowes at 4pm because they had "problems." Obviously my blood isn't needed that badly.

Ok, awesome news of the week. I am the owner of not 1, but 2 violins. One of them is my great grandfather's, so it's around 100 years old, not in the greatest shape since it's been in an attic in New York for quite a few years, but my dad and I are reparing it. Bought some fine tuners, a bow, and strings today. Going to have to refinish the fingerboard. It'll take some work, but it'll be worth it. The other one is one he bought off one of his employees, and it's in a little better shape. I know nothing about violins, so I can't tell which is the better of the two, but I think for traditions sake I'll use my great grandfather's. I just think it's cool that they found it and now I get a chance to play it. And of course the whole playing it part will be a trip, but I think I can get the hang of it fairly quickly, since I play the mandolin already.

ok, enough for tonight. Oooh, tomorrow the revival of "Bucky's Saturday's" will begin. Time for some good Southern breakfast foods. Pass the grits!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Two-timing son of a...

I got stood up for my guitar lesson today. Drove all the way out there, and no one was home. Either that or the kid hid in the house until I drove off. Left a note for them to call me, but nothing so far. Man, there goes my gas money for the week.

Played soccer with my Mexican's last night. Too much individual crap, they don't realize how to play as a team. It would be different if they were as good as Kevin, but they aren't at all, so it's frusterating for me when I'm open on the wings and all they want to do is dribble into traffic. Sigh.

Talked to Tara for a while tonight, definitely counting down the days until I see her again.

Oh yeah, Shandus, if you read this - The song will be up soon, still trying to figure out how to transfer it to this computer. Sorry for the wait.

I'm out!

Dear Dick Blick...

Thank you for ordering from Spontex. Reading your name just about made my day worth getting up for.


Monday, July 25, 2005


It's a rocking horse good time!

(copyright Christina and Eric)


Sunday, July 24, 2005

To The God of Abraham, Iaasac, and Moses...
And other people with long names...

Hey man, remember back in the good old days, when you were wrathful and smited people and stuff? Lot's wife, pillar of salt? Didn't that feel good? The Tower of Babel? Yeah, that was awesome.

Dude, what happend?

You got all PC on us with all this turn the other cheek and Good Samaratin junk, and you just haven't been the same. Maybe you had some bad experience or something, wanted to make a difference in the world, I understand, happens to the best of us. But now, YHWH, it's time to give that up. I need the old Elohim back, like before you got all warm and fuzzy and started wearing cardigans. People need to be smited, you and I both know it. These people are guilty of the worst possible sin, and they flaunt it in your face under the guise of "praise." Who are these people? The ones who write church songs, and because they run out of any good ideas, they do a key change. God, it's so bad. Like they can fool us with an ascending step key change at the end, please. You and I both know that church music is bad to begin with, and this convention is just making it worse. Lord, I have to be there on Sundays, so let's make it worth my time, ok? Start smiting and make this world a better place.

Eric Domkowski

P.S. About those contradictions in the old Bible, it's cool man, don't sweat it, I got your back.

BTW, totally moved into the new house. The basement rocks, pictures to come soon, along iwth the 2nd installment of the Home Town Musical Saga: Maryville, TN.


Friday, July 22, 2005

This is the last post ever from 1101 West 7th Street, Apt 13. Columbia, TN, 38401

And good riddence.

Things I Won't Miss:
  1. That f$%&g stairway
  2. Explaining that I live on a school campus
  3. Chloe
  4. Speed Bumps
  5. Sharing a bathroom with my parents
  6. The fact I lived in a former military school barracks.
  7. The general un-punk attitude of my neighbors. (what does that even mean!?!)
  8. Being afraid of pissing the neighbors off with my amps
  9. Glenn and his disel truck EVERY MORNING OUTSIDE OF MY WINDOW
  10. Every cop in the Columbia dept. who drove W. 7th St. non-stop, thwarting my attempts to go 40mph.

Yeah. Whoo. Moving all day tomorrow. Then perhaps studio time w/ Gary. It's going to be a loooooooooong day. Leave encouraging comments if you must.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Natural Rogaine...

My hair is growing back. I don't know what to do with it. I got used to the whole shaved head thing where I didn't have to do anything at all with it. Now there's actually real strands of hair. Any suggestions? Mullet? Emo do? The Wesley Snipes (circa 1991)?

Limited Time Offer!

Due to the rousing "success" of the Maquoketa theme song, I am offering to write a song about anyone's hometown. Just let me know if you want to take me up on the offer. It will probably be bad, and I will sing out of tune at least twice, but it will be yours and will give me something to do during the evening hours besides watch King of The Hill.


Monday, July 18, 2005

It was a close one...

As I was driving home from work today, I thought of all the redneck things I've done since I've lived in Columbia. You know, things like putting a fish hook in my hat, wearing Wrangler jeans, talking about trucks, working in a factory, and slowly developing a borderline Southern drawl. And then I thought of something that I haven't done yet. Drive around town shirtless, with the window down (this could also be accented by a confederate flag bandana). I fought the urge to do it, but who knows...if the mood strikes out, ladies.


Embarrasing song stuck in my head today: Shake That Thing - Sean Paul

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Maquoketa Theme Song...

I told Christina I would write a song about the guy taking her picture at wal-mart. She probably thought I was kidding. I don't kid about things like that, folks.

Maquoketa - The Columbia Sponge Factory Experience

Forgive the mp3 quality, I have to save space somehow. And the production value. I did it this afternoon, all in one sitting.

Indie Cred Like Whoa.

From Will Fleeson's going away party. Viva France.

Oh snap. Totally should be a mypace picture.

Mitch. Plastic cup with wine. Classic.

Roomate love.

White and Vike.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Is This Considered Sinning?

Today, in my e-mail junk mail, I got one with the subject line:

Want To Meet SEXY Christians???
And I was shocked, because everyone knows Christians aren't sexy. In fact, some can be downright impotence inducing. If we're talking about the sexiest religion, hands down it's gotta be Hinduism. Lots of skin. Crazy positions. Can we say "Kama Sutra?" Yeah...I'm not falling for that sexy Christian stuff. You gotta do better than that, internet.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Great Day!

You know, as far as "Columbia" days go.

School, work, blah. They came and went. Then I got home and I had an amazing letter from Tara (a real one. I'm becoming a fan of real, handwritten letters), then I went and played soccer with some Mexican immigrants at the Columbia State field. So much fun, it was just like playing back home. No one spoke English and I got to say "chinga tu madre" and they knew what I meant. Beautiful. So besides these huge blisters on my feet which are going to absolutely kill me tomorrow at work, I feel great. Whooo.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Return of Randomness...

Things that are prevalent in Southern culture that I just don't understand:
  1. "Git-R-Done" - wtf. Did I miss something?
  2. Cameros
  4. Confederate flags, along with the claim "It's not about racism". Uh...yeah...crap.
  5. Moustaches
  6. Staunch Conservatism (with emphasis placed on "God's Will")
  7. Big Trucks
  8. White males in FUBU-esque stuff (I feel like such an old man, but it seems so fake)

New Regular Feature! Black Metal Band of the Week! Random!



Monday, July 11, 2005

New music from the long forgotten Firewheel Project...

Seriously. I wrote a song so that Kyle can pimp it out to TV commercial people. Here it is. Enjoy:

The Disco Knitter


Hint: copy link location, paste in browser, hit enter. I don't know why geocities is so lame when it comes to linking mp3's, but the pasting method works.

In a moment of utter Yuppie-tude...

I now own one of those headset things for cell phones. Well, I didn't actually buy it. My mom got a new phone, and that came free. So I took it. I still haven't used it, despite having 2 phone calls that lasted in excess of 30 min and could have benefited from the hands free approach. Someday.

Ok, time for pictures of my dog and her new, LAME haircut.

Notice the lack of hair and body devoid of any furiness. Poor girl.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Obligatory Boring Saturday Night Post...



P.S. Next time, pictures of my newly shorn dog. I lead an uber-exciting summer life.

Friday, July 08, 2005

601 days without an accident= Steak Cookout for all Spontex employees!

Seriously. Sponge making is dangerous as hell. This is quite an accomplishment. I plan on cleaning them out, I'm eating at least 3 steaks and stuffing about 5 in a bag and taking them home and feeding them to Molly.

Stolen from Jersey's MySpace blog:
Is 17 (Eric) the sexiest person alive?: Yes, in that little man sort of way! hahaha! Love you wee.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Official Time I Was in Pajama Pants and Swore to Never Leave the House Until Morning:


I bought a bitchin' couch at Goodwill for my basement. It matches nothing at all, I love it.

This is the dog that lives next door in my apartment building. It barks all the time. I hate it. I try to get it to jump off the balcony and therefore hanging itself on its own leash. It hasn't done it yet, but there's still time.

Chloe, who bears an uncanny resemblence to:

That dragon thing from The Neverending Story. Can't really tell if from that, though.

Gotta go back to work tomorrow. I'm really hoping I just didn't dream the whole "Monday + Tuesday" off thing. I have this whole scenario worked out in my head where I walk in and Megan goes "Where were you yesterday?" and Kent's all like shaking his head and crap, and I go "My dad had to go the the emergency room and I'm was the only one who could take him," which of course is a total lie, but they wouldn't know that. It really helps that I don't know the phone number at that place. Tomorrow, I think I'll write letters during Accounting 2. I wrote out Taylor's practice song during today's class. It should theory. Thank you, Mrs. Zaccagni.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Independence Day (in which we declared ourself free from the taxes of King George)...

Is tomorrow. And tomorrow, at Wal-Mart, you can get your picture taken with Uncle Sam-Mule. Yet, despite this, the redneck assholes who live here have been setting off fireworks since June 25th. Just couldn't wait, could we, Jed? I hope you blow a hole in your Camero with an extra large bottle rocket.