Sunday, October 30, 2005


Ashley asked me to put together a mix for the Honors Halloween party (ok, laugh now), so I threw one together today, it's about an hour long. It's pretty decent, but I missed some of the transitions about 30 min in and I didn't really care to start over. I doubt anyone will care but me. I also got bored and threw on a filter during the bloc party song that I missed a cue for, so it's kinda funny and wrong. oh well. Tracklist:

  1. Do They Know It's Hallowe'en (Cadence Weapon Remix) - North American Hallowe'en Prevention Initiative, Inc
  2. Bochecha Ardendo - Os K-Rrascos & Vanessinha Do Picatchu
  3. Warning Siren - Tiefschwarz
  4. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
  5. Thriller - Michael Jackson
  6. Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron
  7. Another Excuse (DFA Remix) - Soulwax
  8. Close To You - The Avalanches
  9. Hombre - M.I.A.
  10. All Night - Damian Marley
  11. Sign, Sealed, Delievered (Remix) - Stevie Wonder
  12. Give Me Every Little Thing - The Juan MacLean
  13. (Shine Your) Light Love Hope - Bob Mould
  14. Chicken Payback (Madlib's Soul Distortion Vocal Remix) - The Bees
  15. Romantic Rights - Death From Above 1979
  16. Banquet (Phones Disco Edit) - Bloc Party
There you have it. Only 2 halloween songs actually made it, but eh, I'd get tired of minor key songs all night if I were there. If someone asks, I'll upload an mp3 of it for their enjoyment.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Monday, October 24, 2005


I got to see Alan Parsons. He engineered Dark Side Of the Moon by Pink Floyd, but all you really need to know about him is that he wore a purple blazer and those jeans where you can zip off the bottom part and make shorts. If that's not Prog-Rock awesomeness, I don't know what is.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I found a bootleg copy of the new Sun Kil Moon record where he covers Modest Mouse songs, and I think I might just explode with happiness. I always said that this would be my dream combination, and Mark freaking kills it. SMILE!!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2005


I cannot even begin to describe how much I hate the song/music video of "Something To Be Proud Of" by Montgomery Gentry. I've run across it twice this weekend while flipping through channels, and to be honest, I watched it all the way through, but my disgust for it built throughout my experience with it.

First off, on purely asthetic grounds alone, the video is the worst piece of crap I have ever seen. It's these two guys in a f*cking desert, or plateau, or WTF, I don't know. And one tall guy wears a duster and a cowboy hat, while the feminine one plays guitar and looks like a reject from a Matchbox20 band. Ok, so they're in a desert (which is computer generated so it looks horrible already) and then images of the stuff they're singing about are flashing on screen. And this f*cking F16 keeps flying over through the entire thing, along with a GT) that drives across. THAT'S THE ENTIRE THING. They filmed it on a green screen and then used the computer animation of the 90's to make them seem, I dunno, badass? How about CRAP.

I know who they're aiming the song towards. It's basically listing all these things where guys have had shitty lives, because 1.) They were in the army 2.) Didn't go to college and had to work bad jobs because of a lack of education PURELY BY THEIR OWN CHOICE BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE BADASSES. F*cking GTO.

Anyways, the chorus goes like this:

"That's something to be proud of:
"That's a life you can hang your hat on.
"You don't need to make a million:
"Just be thankful to be workin'.
"If you're doing what you're able
"An' putting food there on the table,
"And providing for the family that you love:
"That's something to be proud of.

Granted, it's a nice sentiment. But I can see this becoming an anthem for people who have no motivation in life.

"I haven't done anything worthwhile, but dammit, I put food on the table. Give me another beer."

Anyways, get ready for your redneck neighbor to be singing this with his buddies at the bar. Loudly. That's something to be proud of.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Travelling, Swallowing Dramamine...

Being in a state that I haven't visited since freshman year, everything's just a little fuzzy today. I wouldn't say that I feel "sad" or anything like that, but just really tired and exhausted. And fittingly enough, when this does happen, my music selections are a tad on the melancholy side. I tried listening to the new Deerhoof cd, but that made my head hurt (I do plan on remixing one of their songs though, tracks are available at, so I threw on some American Football. Hopefully I'll pick up before work and in time to do some more reading. I rather enjoy this now.

American Football - "Never Meant"


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Remember this...

Aloha - Let Your Head Hang Low

Heard it on WOXY, remember it from KTSW, need it in my life.


So I guess I only have time to write in this thing when I'm at work, which reminds me of all those surveys we take in business classes about if we would use the computer at work for personal use and I always said I wouldn't or something. I totally lied, as if I had ethics. But I mean, if I actually had something to do it would be different. Tonight is especially boring due to the fact another staff guy is doing a session so that means that I basically just open doors and check out mics. Lame. I need weak A1 students so I feel powerful! But the singer for the session brought pizza and encouraged me to eat it, so yeah, I indulged her. This should happen more often.

Oh yeah, I recieved a $50 ticket from B-effing-Po yesterday. For parking in the only open spot, where everyone else had Belmont stickers, and where there is NOTHING that says I cannot park there. I don't feel like writing everything I think about this situation, but at least I don't have to pay it if I take some stupid test. But yeah, screw you Belmont.


Thursday, October 06, 2005


When, if you are ever doing a session at RCA B, and I am the staff engineer, I come in the check on how you're doing just to make sure things are going smoothly, NEVER, NEVER answer me smugly "Yes, if we have any problems we'll come and get you," like you are the hot-shit Audio One engineer. You will run into problems, and I will be very, very uninclined to help your ass.



Wednesday, October 05, 2005


So I found this Rolling Stones cover I recorded sometime this summer. And since I already sent it to Sam, I figure she'll try to blackmail me and the only way to defeat it is to make it available to all. Please laugh, it'll be the best way for you to enjoy it.

Dime Store Keats - Miss You

Yes, that's a new recording alias.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

So it struck me today...

as we watched movie clips in my post techniques class, that I think Twister is the worst movie ever made. I was overcome with just disgust and nausea at the stupidity of the premise, and I really hope that people like that do not exist. If they do, eff them, and I hope they get sucked up into a tornado and die.


Monday, October 03, 2005

I like this song too...

Page France - Chariot

Thanks, Sam!