Friday, September 19, 2003

You Know what's awesome? When you buy those boxes of Quaker Chewy bars and they tell you that you get 5 bars free! Wait...what's so freaking free here? Am I still paying for the stuff? Uh, yes. Why can't I buy a box without those extra five bars? Everyone knows they are the crappy leftovers anyways. Seriously, if they're giving it away for free it has to be crap. It's scientific knowledge that if you say you get something for free people are gonna go crazy over it, but if I'm still paying for it, is it free? NOOOOO. Screw you and your stupid rice cakes, Quaker.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Ok, this is for you Jessi...I went to some of the 2NMC shows this weekend and I must make a comment about the dancing prowess of Y.O.U. a band out of Atlanta. But I will do that tomorrow.

Addendum: Yeah, Y.O.U had some smooth dance moves. The bassist was like Michael Jackson if Michael was tall white and goofy...well he's already got the white part now. Anyways, they were pretty smooth dressers, nice suits and all. I was impressed. I recomend seeing them if you have the chance. Actually, my favorite band in the 2NMC confrence was Imaginary Baseball League...I did a review of them for the Vision, but who knows if it'll get in there, so I'll post it here:

Imaginary Baseball League - Blue Sky Court 9/13/03
Singer and guitarist Aaron Robinson of Imaginary Baseball League, hailing from Murfreesboro, started off his band's set with a solo cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," holding the audience captive as he sang "But I shot a man in Reno/Just to watch him die" while bathed in red light. Sounding like an "emo" version of the Counting Crows, IBL presents songs characterized by sparse percussion, though possesing by far the most spastic drummer I've seen in a long time, and passionate, intelligent lyrics. Since the show was part of 2NMC, the set was short and left me wanting more, with the line "Watch your mouth/get you in trouble" from "A Lot to Say" haunting my head long after I'd left the club. Other stand out songs included "From Arkansas, with Love" and "My Next Death." IBL is playing in Nashville again on September 28th, opening for Starflyer 59 at The End.

Peace show tomorrow, Kind of Like Spitting!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Yeah, I just about peed my pants when Barsuk Records just posted a song from the new Death Cab for Cutie album Transatlanticism It's called "The New Year" and this isn't your older brothers Death Cab anymore. The song starts out with a subdued synth intro then segues into more distortion in a DCFC song even if you combined them all and ran the signal through a tube screamer. From this song, DCFC is clearly trying to reach a braoder audience, with a singalongable anthem. Of course that isn't a rarity, given Gibbard's penchant for great melodies, but compare this song to "Free, MA" and then the differences will jump out at you. Unfortunatly Gibbard keeps the same lyrical simplicity that seemed to haunt him on The Postal Service side project, hopefully the rest of the album is a return to the thinking man's indie rock that was DCFC.