Saturday, December 13, 2003

It's been a while, huh? I went to SA and came back, surviving the plane ride, amazingly. I had breakfast tacos, and that was pretty much my main goal of the trip. And now I'm going back this comming Monday for x-mas break. Anyways, as far as music goes, the new cd from Sun Kil Moon is excellent, I recomend buying it to anyone, providing you can find it...I was amazed I found it at Tower Records, maybe they have it at Borders as well. Very Neil Young influenced, which is odd that i like it because I don't stomach Young very well. Also, I stumbled upon Emergency &! by the Dismemberment Plan...freaking amazing. Go buy it. It's a couple of years old but that doesn't diminish it's greatness. Ok, that's it, probably no more writing in here until after the break...I know you'll be waiting for more.