Thursday, November 30, 2006


So I downloaded Joanna Newsom's Y's, and you know what, despite everything I've ever read saying that she has a weird voice, it really doesn't sound that strange to me. Sure, it's not something that the mainstream would latch onto, but I mean, I was really expecting something crazy. It's not to say that I don't love the album. I do. I just think she gets a bad rap for her voice.


Monday, November 20, 2006


So, here's the song that I worked on for my Recording Engineer class, along with Caleb Williams and Garrett Miller.

Rain - The Reed Pittman Band

It's long and a large file, as I encoded it at 320/kbps. I mean, we recorded it at 88.1kHz, I feel like I owe it to the song to encode it that high. I mastered it this morning, and I was so happy to find that it's probably the best sounding thing I've ever been a part of. I also found out that our raw tracks are being used in the Master Mixing class for the song that everyone has to mix. So out of all the people's tracks that were brought in, ours were deemed the best. Amazing. Pretty proud of that fact.


Thursday, November 16, 2006


So I was going through my hard drive, looking at all the old crap that I had recorded, and I came across this gem I did when I was a senior in HS:

Again - The Firewheel Project

I'm proud of this song for a few reasons.

1) It's the first song I ever used my banjo on
2) It's the first time I programmed decent sounding drums. Does it matter the pattern stays the same? There's at least one fill. And a crash cymbal.
3) It sorta has a melody
4) I kinda like the electric guitar parts I came up with

And there you have it. Maybe if I feel bored again I'll upload some more winners.



Found this one too:

Yellowrose - The Firewheel Project

Totally wrote this for my girlfriend at the time, I think it was freshman year of college. How lame. But I mean, it's not terrible.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Modest Mouse!

I've been excited to hear new stuff since they added Johnny Marr, and now video and crappy live mp3's are out there. I've listened to "We've Got Everything," and it seems to pick up on the heals of Good News with that disco type beat and lilting guitar lead. I've heard some "complaining " about their new material having a Smiths type feel to it...but that has to be expected as, you know, Johnny Marr was, you know in the Smiths, and you know, was responsible for that sound and you know, he kinda sounds like he was in the Smiths. Dumb.

Don't think the album has leaked yet. I'll be sure to find out when it does.