Thursday, November 16, 2006


So I was going through my hard drive, looking at all the old crap that I had recorded, and I came across this gem I did when I was a senior in HS:

Again - The Firewheel Project

I'm proud of this song for a few reasons.

1) It's the first song I ever used my banjo on
2) It's the first time I programmed decent sounding drums. Does it matter the pattern stays the same? There's at least one fill. And a crash cymbal.
3) It sorta has a melody
4) I kinda like the electric guitar parts I came up with

And there you have it. Maybe if I feel bored again I'll upload some more winners.



Found this one too:

Yellowrose - The Firewheel Project

Totally wrote this for my girlfriend at the time, I think it was freshman year of college. How lame. But I mean, it's not terrible.

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ryan(stuffy) said...

i miss recording stuff. immensely. i also miss having a neighbor that would let me sleep on his couch.