Saturday, July 31, 2004

Sweet Home Columbia

I don't have much time to write, seeing as though I'm on the computer in my dad's new office...the phone company is very slow so we don't have a phone line in the apartment yet. When I get that hooked up, I'll detail my adventure up until now. Columbia is well, small. I drove around the entire town in about 30 min this morning. Lots of mullets. Lots. I found a good fishing spot...caught no fish. We're stealing cable, but all I can get on our 1970's TV is AMC, which isn't really that bad. gotta go, peace my peeps.

Friday, July 23, 2004

What a week.   Let's see, how did it start out...Friday, the surprise party for me at Jordan's, which was awesome.  Saturday, a three-year relationship ended.   I can honestly say I experienced both ends of the emotional spectrum in a 24 hour period.  Maybe it really is the best thing, time will tell...part of me wants us to get back together, but then I realize that if I spend my time dwelling on that, I'll never move on...and end up like Bill Dautrive...and that's not going to happen.  All I know is that I've lost 10lbs in a week due to my incessant treadmill routine. 

I'm also afraid I'm going to lose my best would be a shame if 3 years of memories went to waste.   I mean, romantic interest or not, I've shared more with her on a person to person level than anyone else, and I don't want that to just fade.  So I guess if she's reading this, I just want her to know that I'm always there for her and that if she thinks we can continue this on a friends level, I'm for it.  There!  I put the pressure on you! ;)

Anyways, I'm leaving for Columbia a lot earlier than I expected (i.e. This Monday).   Everyone who wants to say goodbye to me, better get on that fast, cause I'm leaving Texas baby, and I ain't coming back.

awesome...this journey can only get better.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I don't care what they say, I like the Polyphonic Spree
and other random musings.
Anyone else drawing Uncle Tueplo comparisons with Sparta and the Mars Volta?  Sparta is obviously the Son Volt of this pairing, with the Mars Volta on a Wilco-like tear.  Sparta puts out their debut, a strong one at that, that isn't much different that At The Drive In (a la Son Volt, Trace).  Critical acclaim follows.  The Mars Volta puts out an EP, not as widely acclaimed (Wilco, AM).  Then the Mars Volta busts out with their debut, a prog-rock masterpiece that blows everyone else out of the water (Wilco, YFH).  Sparta then releases their next cd which, while good, shows no real growth or deviation from ATDI.(Son Volt, Jay Farrar's every other release).  Interesting...hopefully the Mars Volta won't suffer a Ghost Is Born type relapse.
I think I'll get a haircut today.
All of my friends are dirty sneaks, and I love them for it.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Holy crap...Blogspot upgraded...amazing!
The Ultra Secret Vishnu Department at Harcourt, Part I
Ok, this is really strange...there's this section, suspiciously titled "Alerts" in the back of my office, near the door.  Every single person, and when I say every single, I mean every freaking single person that hides back there is of Indian enthnicity.  Not Sitting Bull Indian, but the "I wanna blow up Pakistan" that I've said that they're probably Pakistani...but who can really tell.  For argument's sake, they are Indian.  But whatever the hell it is they are doing, obviously Harcourt decided that only Indians can do it.  Are they dealing with the Indian gov't setting up tests?  Well, obviously not otherwise I would have dealt with it.  There are also no other Indians anywhere else, save the one guy who sits in the cubicle next to my favorite copy machine who is always on IM, but he's secluded so it just lends to my secret Indian conspiracy theory.  It's really bothering me.  I will get to the bottom of this before I leave.
Finished my first recording with the olde Lap Steel.  My summer EP is turning out good despite my limited time to record it.  I've turned into a big fan of one takes.  Except for the lap steel, cause I'm learning the instrument as I'm recording so it takes a few times to nail down exactly what I want. 

Monday, July 12, 2004

I don't have the energy to write a bunch today...but needless to say, Fleetwood Mac's Rumors is by far the best record my mother ever bought...and one of the only ones...I guess when you sell eleventy-billion copies, even Liz will have it.

And needless to say I'm pretty lonely right now...haven't talked to Maddie in a week cause her cell phone doesn't work in the mountains. I thought she got back today, but I'm not really sure. Oh well...I'm listening to "The City" a lot ( see post on greatest songs ever).

I'll deal with Johnny Liberal tomorrow night.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Why John Kerry is full of it
and why the current celebrity sentiment is built on nothing but ignorance

I feel I must write something about this upcoming election thing after this week's barrage on why Johnny K's picking of Johnny E as his running mate is going to improve his chances. Let's examine the new battle cray of the K/E campagin..."Middle Class Values"...Um, excuse me, when the hell were John Kerry and John Edwards considered middle class? John "The Male Anna Nicole Smith" Kerry, while rich before, married into extreme wealth with his marriage to the Heinz woman. Edwards, while he gives a great story about his middle class parents, is a succesful trial lawyer (read: multi-millionaire), far removed from the middle class I live in, where we live pay check to pay check, drive chevrolets and don't give a flying flip about Kyoto. John Kerry is obviously out of touch with the "Middle America" he's trying so desperatly to court, which is why he selected Edwards as his running mate...a Southern gentleman who will singlehandedly swing the vote in favor of Kerry in the Southern states. Voters should be insulted by this. Instead of having the balls to run on his own platform, Kerry is using Edwards to reach the people he can't. Some might say "wow, brilliant." I say "What a dumbass, no one votes for the VP." Seriously...this is the campaign for President. If Kerry is so insecure about his chances that he must rely on an unproven charmer to carry him, that says a lot about the man. Not that I'm the biggest Bush/Cheney fan, but Bush has a confidence about him that is nowhere on Kerry. Kerry's makes me feel like I should beat the crap out of him just because he exudes weakness.

AND...I'm sick of this bleeding heart liberal entertainer crap. God bless Arnold Swarwherever for having the balls to run as a republican in Hollywood, at least he's living in a somewhat real world. I've yet to see one of these celebrities send back their fat refund check from the Bush tax cuts...then I'd believe their rants. oooh, classic moment I saw on Fox news today. This is when I knew Kerry was a douche bag for good. His Press whore (who happens to be a guy with a horrible haircut) was shown a clip where Kerry is jamming out with all these celebrities and musicians (Bon Jovi, Whoopi Goldberg, etc...) and they start bitching out Bush with all these horrible phrases, then they cut to Kerry going "And these are the middle class values I'm talking about!!" His press whore then spends a few minutes spouting off stuff like "I don't think he was present at the whole event" and "The values he's talking about aren't what they were saying." give me a's a fund raiser for Kerry, if he's not there ther entire time, what a scam, and of course he's talking about what they were saying. John Kerry is a douche bag, and everyone around him knows it.

And finally, why any one trust celebrities for political awareness is beyond and point a quote from Adam Yauch of the "politicaly-minded" beastie boys in Spin Magazine. "I think Bush is terrifying. The guy is a lunatic. We'd be hard pressed to find somebody worse to put in there. Maybe Adolf Hitler." um....can we say dumbass? I think so. Next, when asked if he's politically active, he says "Does that mean I'm at political functions...Or does that mean I'm in the park with my friends talkinb about how fucked George Bush is? I guess I"m in the category of talkinb about hom fucked George Bush is...That's how politically engaged I am." So this artist, who is touted by MTV as being one of the most politically astute basically does no research on his stands and is just shooting the shit with friends and that's how he comes by his opinions. Nice.

Tomorrow...the Saga of the Brainwashed Liberal College Student that sat next to me at work.

Friday, July 09, 2004

First off...

I am convinced Joel does not realize how insignificant a role I play at the office...He goes "We're gonna need everyone to come in on Saturday." Joel, seriously, I spent 30 minutes today picking lint out of my "Shipped On (Date)" stamp, I really don't need to be there fact, I don't serve a purpose at all except to keep Sandra and Diana entertained. I suppose that's what keeps me from being fired, they like me for some reason. Oh well, I'm still getting paid.


My pop song project is underway, I have a killer hook and chorus already. I'm proud of it.


Spin was right, Fleetwood Mac is a damn good record.


Where is my lap steel guitar?? It's been two weeks. Stupid Canadians.

Fifly...(Dave Chappelle anyone?)

I don't care what Larry Ratliff says, I am going to go see "Anchorman"


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Why Thursday is the worst day of the week

Simply because it's not Wednesday or Friday.

Let's think about it...Wednesday is hump day...the week is half over...two more days and it's Friday (aka payday) begin to party.

Then Thursday hits you like a ton of bricks. There's one, awful, horrible, long day before Friday, and you gotta work the whole damn Friday to get paid anyways. Friday seems so far away, and Wednesday is a distant memory. Basically, Thursday is like the other Osmonds. No one gives a crap about anyone but Donnie and Marie, and when you have to think about the rest of them, it's painful. Think about Thursday...hurts, doesn't it?

It's only a mater of time...

My job is growing irrelevent at an exponential pace. Sandra makes me sit with her and act like we're doing something so I don't get fired too quickly. I like her, she understands I have really stopped caring about this job...and she made me corn cakes one day. When everyone else got the boot, and I revealed that I'm not coming back, my position quickly became in jeopardy...and with that in mind, my performance has, shall we say...suffered. Not that I do a poor job on what I do accomplish during the day...on the contrary, I'm still as dilligent as ever with my QCing's just that I take longer...go for walks...find any excuse to go shred stuff on the industrial shredder...use the bathroom in the cafeteria...I guess this is a bad thing...I keep telling myself that I can't be like this when I have a "real" job, but then I tell myself I'll be doing something I like, which, as we all know, is bullcrap...but this is my first real job...I'll call it my "Rookie League" season.

Peace my honkies.

Anyone actually reading this? Let me know (AIM: downsouthpunk35)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I am going to prove a show my utter disregard for today's pop music scene and my own overblown confidence in my songwriting ability, I am going to write a commercially viable pop song. I have done this before, with "One Step Behind", which, though in a bare-bones arrangement was a really good fluffy-pop song. And this one is going to be good too...just to prove that you don't have to be a musical genius to write "acceptable" radio songs, I am going to do this. Will I actually finish it? With all the crap going on right now, signs point to no, but I'm gonna get the idea in my head and on paper at least.
All The People That Pretended To Like Me Are Gone
(or at least those that ate lunch with me)

It's true. I'm the last one left standing out of my hiring group. I guess I get the longevity award. Victor, Esther, Sarah, Jon, and Stacey, this one's for you.

Victor - I will miss your stories of prostitutes in Guam. Maybe someday you will be able to play your drums and not have your girlfriend yell at you.

Esther - You amazed me with your stories of your drunken exploits. And yes, even though you were .01 above the legal limit, the cop really shouldn't have thrown you in jail.

Sarah - Wal-Mart really is the only store that matters. Hope you finally find a job.

Jon - I will never forget your daily "meetings" with the newspaper in your "office". And all the pot you smoked.

Stacey - I will miss your agreeing with me and Victor that Harcourt is devoid of attractive women and your open oggling of Jugs.

So what's it like to be the longest tenured temp at the office? Pretty crappy...I'm still doing menial work like shoving stuff into envelopes...I wish they'd fire me and end this tension.

Miss my Maddie.

Peace my crackers.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

How I've fooled them all...

So I got offered a full time job at Harcourt today...seems that I forgot to mention that I go to college in Nashville and am getting the hell out of Dodge ASAP. I feel my imminent firing approaching, considering Norma said something to the tune of "Well, we need to find someone else to train to do this." Yet again my "slacking just less than the others" attitude has gotten me a pseudo-promotion...I may be on to something.

Making progress with DJ Dave's record favorite find so far is the s/t Fleetwood Mac one..."Say That You Love Me" is such a great song. And I don't think there is a better record side than side 2 of London Calling by the Clash...Also, despite Pitchfork's glowing recomendation of David Bowie's Low, I seriously doubt that it's the #1 record of the 70' would have to be Led Zep IV or London Calling.

Forgotten Treasures - as I was in the process of trying to organize my cd's in one of my new 200 cd-holding cases, I came across Neon Golden by The Notwist...dunno how I forgot this bad boy, but it's an excellent record.

This summer's EP is shaping up nicely...track list is as follows: Niches, Crutch, Say That You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac Cover...I ditched the Nick Drake idea), and Boylston.
I've done 4 track tape demos for all of them and only the instrumental "Boylston" is on Nuendo right now....quit acting like you know what I'm talking about.

Peace, Love, and I'm getting laid off soon! Yes!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

What's Wrong With Music: A List by Eric Domkowski

(I scribbled these down during a break at work)

1. Clear Channel Communications (obviously)
2. Pop-Country (crash commercialism surpassing even that of pop music)
3. Letting Pop singers sing the National Anthem (seriously, they suck...and did anyone see Aretha Franklin do the one at the NBA Finals? Could she do a worse job at lip-syncing? It was awful)
4. Barbara Striesand (from her ridiculous leftist politics to her less than acceptable singing voice, why do we even give her air space any more?)
5. "Big" sounding 80's drums (come on, obviously you didn't record the snare in a warehouse, you're not fooling me)
6. Nu-Metal (crap, the entire state of rock radio falls under this one)
7. Michael Jackson (I love "Off the Wall" and "Thriller"'s a shame he didn't just die or something to preserve a it's just sad)
8. Arena Concerts (is there anything less intimate than sitting 500 feet from a performer?)
9. The rap "image" (especially the pimp, ho's money crap...I'm not against the music, just the image that certain popular groups exude is bullshit and needs to stop before a generation of kids imbibes much more of it)
10. Auto Tune (now any dumbass can sing).