Sunday, July 11, 2004

Why John Kerry is full of it
and why the current celebrity sentiment is built on nothing but ignorance

I feel I must write something about this upcoming election thing after this week's barrage on why Johnny K's picking of Johnny E as his running mate is going to improve his chances. Let's examine the new battle cray of the K/E campagin..."Middle Class Values"...Um, excuse me, when the hell were John Kerry and John Edwards considered middle class? John "The Male Anna Nicole Smith" Kerry, while rich before, married into extreme wealth with his marriage to the Heinz woman. Edwards, while he gives a great story about his middle class parents, is a succesful trial lawyer (read: multi-millionaire), far removed from the middle class I live in, where we live pay check to pay check, drive chevrolets and don't give a flying flip about Kyoto. John Kerry is obviously out of touch with the "Middle America" he's trying so desperatly to court, which is why he selected Edwards as his running mate...a Southern gentleman who will singlehandedly swing the vote in favor of Kerry in the Southern states. Voters should be insulted by this. Instead of having the balls to run on his own platform, Kerry is using Edwards to reach the people he can't. Some might say "wow, brilliant." I say "What a dumbass, no one votes for the VP." Seriously...this is the campaign for President. If Kerry is so insecure about his chances that he must rely on an unproven charmer to carry him, that says a lot about the man. Not that I'm the biggest Bush/Cheney fan, but Bush has a confidence about him that is nowhere on Kerry. Kerry's makes me feel like I should beat the crap out of him just because he exudes weakness.

AND...I'm sick of this bleeding heart liberal entertainer crap. God bless Arnold Swarwherever for having the balls to run as a republican in Hollywood, at least he's living in a somewhat real world. I've yet to see one of these celebrities send back their fat refund check from the Bush tax cuts...then I'd believe their rants. oooh, classic moment I saw on Fox news today. This is when I knew Kerry was a douche bag for good. His Press whore (who happens to be a guy with a horrible haircut) was shown a clip where Kerry is jamming out with all these celebrities and musicians (Bon Jovi, Whoopi Goldberg, etc...) and they start bitching out Bush with all these horrible phrases, then they cut to Kerry going "And these are the middle class values I'm talking about!!" His press whore then spends a few minutes spouting off stuff like "I don't think he was present at the whole event" and "The values he's talking about aren't what they were saying." give me a's a fund raiser for Kerry, if he's not there ther entire time, what a scam, and of course he's talking about what they were saying. John Kerry is a douche bag, and everyone around him knows it.

And finally, why any one trust celebrities for political awareness is beyond and point a quote from Adam Yauch of the "politicaly-minded" beastie boys in Spin Magazine. "I think Bush is terrifying. The guy is a lunatic. We'd be hard pressed to find somebody worse to put in there. Maybe Adolf Hitler." um....can we say dumbass? I think so. Next, when asked if he's politically active, he says "Does that mean I'm at political functions...Or does that mean I'm in the park with my friends talkinb about how fucked George Bush is? I guess I"m in the category of talkinb about hom fucked George Bush is...That's how politically engaged I am." So this artist, who is touted by MTV as being one of the most politically astute basically does no research on his stands and is just shooting the shit with friends and that's how he comes by his opinions. Nice.

Tomorrow...the Saga of the Brainwashed Liberal College Student that sat next to me at work.

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