Sunday, July 04, 2004

What's Wrong With Music: A List by Eric Domkowski

(I scribbled these down during a break at work)

1. Clear Channel Communications (obviously)
2. Pop-Country (crash commercialism surpassing even that of pop music)
3. Letting Pop singers sing the National Anthem (seriously, they suck...and did anyone see Aretha Franklin do the one at the NBA Finals? Could she do a worse job at lip-syncing? It was awful)
4. Barbara Striesand (from her ridiculous leftist politics to her less than acceptable singing voice, why do we even give her air space any more?)
5. "Big" sounding 80's drums (come on, obviously you didn't record the snare in a warehouse, you're not fooling me)
6. Nu-Metal (crap, the entire state of rock radio falls under this one)
7. Michael Jackson (I love "Off the Wall" and "Thriller"'s a shame he didn't just die or something to preserve a it's just sad)
8. Arena Concerts (is there anything less intimate than sitting 500 feet from a performer?)
9. The rap "image" (especially the pimp, ho's money crap...I'm not against the music, just the image that certain popular groups exude is bullshit and needs to stop before a generation of kids imbibes much more of it)
10. Auto Tune (now any dumbass can sing).

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