Friday, July 23, 2004

What a week.   Let's see, how did it start out...Friday, the surprise party for me at Jordan's, which was awesome.  Saturday, a three-year relationship ended.   I can honestly say I experienced both ends of the emotional spectrum in a 24 hour period.  Maybe it really is the best thing, time will tell...part of me wants us to get back together, but then I realize that if I spend my time dwelling on that, I'll never move on...and end up like Bill Dautrive...and that's not going to happen.  All I know is that I've lost 10lbs in a week due to my incessant treadmill routine. 

I'm also afraid I'm going to lose my best would be a shame if 3 years of memories went to waste.   I mean, romantic interest or not, I've shared more with her on a person to person level than anyone else, and I don't want that to just fade.  So I guess if she's reading this, I just want her to know that I'm always there for her and that if she thinks we can continue this on a friends level, I'm for it.  There!  I put the pressure on you! ;)

Anyways, I'm leaving for Columbia a lot earlier than I expected (i.e. This Monday).   Everyone who wants to say goodbye to me, better get on that fast, cause I'm leaving Texas baby, and I ain't coming back.

awesome...this journey can only get better.

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