Thursday, July 08, 2004

Why Thursday is the worst day of the week

Simply because it's not Wednesday or Friday.

Let's think about it...Wednesday is hump day...the week is half over...two more days and it's Friday (aka payday) begin to party.

Then Thursday hits you like a ton of bricks. There's one, awful, horrible, long day before Friday, and you gotta work the whole damn Friday to get paid anyways. Friday seems so far away, and Wednesday is a distant memory. Basically, Thursday is like the other Osmonds. No one gives a crap about anyone but Donnie and Marie, and when you have to think about the rest of them, it's painful. Think about Thursday...hurts, doesn't it?

It's only a mater of time...

My job is growing irrelevent at an exponential pace. Sandra makes me sit with her and act like we're doing something so I don't get fired too quickly. I like her, she understands I have really stopped caring about this job...and she made me corn cakes one day. When everyone else got the boot, and I revealed that I'm not coming back, my position quickly became in jeopardy...and with that in mind, my performance has, shall we say...suffered. Not that I do a poor job on what I do accomplish during the day...on the contrary, I'm still as dilligent as ever with my QCing's just that I take longer...go for walks...find any excuse to go shred stuff on the industrial shredder...use the bathroom in the cafeteria...I guess this is a bad thing...I keep telling myself that I can't be like this when I have a "real" job, but then I tell myself I'll be doing something I like, which, as we all know, is bullcrap...but this is my first real job...I'll call it my "Rookie League" season.

Peace my honkies.

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