Saturday, March 27, 2004

A Look Back in Time, Part II

This installment begins a series of entries in which I take a look back at all the mix cd's I made in high school and ask "What could I have possibly been thinking?"

Disc One - my friend Cody made this thing for me out of mp3's I had since I didn't have a cd burner. My first mix cd ever.

Track 1 - Sublime - "Summertime" - this song just grooves...still passes the coolness test all these years later
Track 2 - Ramones - "Carbona not Glue" - um...they were innovators? I dunno.
Track 3 - Phish - "Lawnboy (Live)" - This song started my interest in Phish. Trey's guitar playing was insane. It totally does not fit in with the rest of the tracks on all.
Track 4 - Me First and the Gimmie Gimmie's - "Science Fiction" - I didn't realize this was a cover song until a few years later. Kinda sucks.
Track 5 - Incubus - "Pardon Me" - Ok, first off, I hate it when this song gets lumped into the rap-rock category. I heard this song on KTSW and I was floored. Too bad they haven't done anything interesting recently. The new cd is horrible, and makes me wish for the days of informed social commentary.
Track 6 - Creed - "My Own Prison" - I am ashamed.
Track 7 - 311 - "Beautiful Disaster" - wow, a veritable rap-rock song. Well, not really. But close enough.
Track 8 - Beastie Boys - "Paul Revere" - I used to be able to rap this whole song. I can get pretty close still.
Track 9 - Ramones - "Carbona not Glue" - makes a repeat appearance. Cody, you tard, learn how to use a cd burner.

And that concludes this installment of "A Look Back in Time." I hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A Critic's Response
Jon Alaniz, a man who I hold in high regard when it comes to hip-hop matters, had these words to say about my list:

Zinala85: ok, lets get something straight
Zinala85: The Seed 2.0 is one of the GREATEST SONGS ever
Zinala85: i mean "ill push my seed in your bush for life"? thats brilliant, and provocative writing
Zinala85: NEVER, EVER PUT IT ON THE SAME SONG LIST AS "gigilo" by "Piss on your face" Kelly and his apprentice, Nick Cannon
Zinala85: Also, P.I.M.P. hot song
Zinala85: more reason for "gigalo" not to be there
Zinala85: and Tupac
Zinala85: he's dead eric, show some respect

Thank you, Jon A, for your commentary. Despite your dislike of R Kelly, I hold the Giggolo is a worthy song to be played during the Atlanta drive.

I'm out!

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Hotlanta Hot Traffic Jam Hot Mix
So, Eric, you might did ya'll survive driving through the hell that is Atlanta traffic? Well, I made this mix cd of some hits that let us blend in like a US Marine in the Bay of Pigs. I give you, the Hotlanta Hot Traffic Jam Hot Mix:

1. "The Way You Move" - Oukast
2. "Party All The Time" - Eddie Murphey (yes, that Eddie Murphey)
3. "Rosa Parks" - Outkast
4. "Seed 2.0" - The Roots (w/ Cody Chesnutt)
5. "Change Clothes" - Jay-Z and DJ Danger Mouse
6. "Whoomp There It Is!" - Tag Team
7. "P.I.M.P." - 50 Cent
8. "Stand Up" - Ludacris
9. "California Love" - 2Pac
10. "Hell Yea" - Ginuwine
11. "Yeah" - Usher (ft. Little John and Ludacris)
12. "So Fresh, So Clean" - Outkast
13. "Just A Friend" - Biz Markie
14. "Wanksta" - 50 Cent
15. "Church" - Outkast
16. "Tennessee Boys" - Grits
17. "Wanna Get To Know Ya'" - G Unit (ft. Joe)
18. "Giggolo" - Nick Cannon (ft. R Kelly)

Lest you doubt the effectivness of the mix, ask me how many akward stares we recieved while going through downtown Atlanta. How many? Zero. And Jo're going down old man, you're going down hard.