Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A Critic's Response
Jon Alaniz, a man who I hold in high regard when it comes to hip-hop matters, had these words to say about my list:

Zinala85: ok, lets get something straight
Zinala85: The Seed 2.0 is one of the GREATEST SONGS ever
Zinala85: i mean "ill push my seed in your bush for life"? thats brilliant, and provocative writing
Zinala85: NEVER, EVER PUT IT ON THE SAME SONG LIST AS "gigilo" by "Piss on your face" Kelly and his apprentice, Nick Cannon
Zinala85: Also, P.I.M.P. hot song
Zinala85: more reason for "gigalo" not to be there
Zinala85: and Tupac
Zinala85: he's dead eric, show some respect

Thank you, Jon A, for your commentary. Despite your dislike of R Kelly, I hold the Giggolo is a worthy song to be played during the Atlanta drive.

I'm out!

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