Thursday, October 06, 2005


When, if you are ever doing a session at RCA B, and I am the staff engineer, I come in the check on how you're doing just to make sure things are going smoothly, NEVER, NEVER answer me smugly "Yes, if we have any problems we'll come and get you," like you are the hot-shit Audio One engineer. You will run into problems, and I will be very, very uninclined to help your ass.




Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

I won't. In fact, chances are, I will beat you to the punch and be on my knees begging for your help from minute one. But before I do, I will definitely check the tape machine input switch.

P.S. My name for the debate is Anton Weibel, isn't that the badassest Reformation name there could be?

Lanzanator said...

Thats when you make use of the magic switch in closet that turns off all the amps.

Either that or you just dropkick them.