Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So I guess I only have time to write in this thing when I'm at work, which reminds me of all those surveys we take in business classes about if we would use the computer at work for personal use and I always said I wouldn't or something. I totally lied, as if I had ethics. But I mean, if I actually had something to do it would be different. Tonight is especially boring due to the fact another staff guy is doing a session so that means that I basically just open doors and check out mics. Lame. I need weak A1 students so I feel powerful! But the singer for the session brought pizza and encouraged me to eat it, so yeah, I indulged her. This should happen more often.

Oh yeah, I recieved a $50 ticket from B-effing-Po yesterday. For parking in the only open spot, where everyone else had Belmont stickers, and where there is NOTHING that says I cannot park there. I don't feel like writing everything I think about this situation, but at least I don't have to pay it if I take some stupid test. But yeah, screw you Belmont.


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Lanzanator said...

Was it a spot against a fence on the bottom floor of the garage?