Friday, July 29, 2005

They buried her alive, one evening 1945...

Slowly buy surely, my basement is looking and feeling more like a home. I set up the old stereo system tonight, as well as an ad-hoc coffee table, which is an old chest my dad used in college. I also mandated that Molly is to live inside with me, so she's chilling next to me as a write this tonight.

Only had to work until 11:30am today, that was amazing. Read a lot in East of Eden and recorded the Columbia installment of The Hometown Musical Saga, which is actually a parody of Neutral Milk Hotel's "King of Carrot Flowers, Part 1"...I call it, "King of Pallet Jacks, Part Uno." I think it's hillarious, I wrote it in my head when I had to do inventory consolidation this morning, so no one is really going to understand all the phrases. It's Spontex Specific.

I was going to give blood, but the BLOODMOBILE wasn't at Lowes at 4pm because they had "problems." Obviously my blood isn't needed that badly.

Ok, awesome news of the week. I am the owner of not 1, but 2 violins. One of them is my great grandfather's, so it's around 100 years old, not in the greatest shape since it's been in an attic in New York for quite a few years, but my dad and I are reparing it. Bought some fine tuners, a bow, and strings today. Going to have to refinish the fingerboard. It'll take some work, but it'll be worth it. The other one is one he bought off one of his employees, and it's in a little better shape. I know nothing about violins, so I can't tell which is the better of the two, but I think for traditions sake I'll use my great grandfather's. I just think it's cool that they found it and now I get a chance to play it. And of course the whole playing it part will be a trip, but I think I can get the hang of it fairly quickly, since I play the mandolin already.

ok, enough for tonight. Oooh, tomorrow the revival of "Bucky's Saturday's" will begin. Time for some good Southern breakfast foods. Pass the grits!


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Shandus said...

Oh man...grits=awesome.

And awesome about the violins! haha, that makes me excited. One easy way to determine the quality of a violin is to examine the color. The darker the color (dark brown, red), the better instrument it is. The more orange the instrument, the worse quality. But that may be true for other instruments as well, so maybe you already knew that.