Thursday, July 14, 2005

Great Day!

You know, as far as "Columbia" days go.

School, work, blah. They came and went. Then I got home and I had an amazing letter from Tara (a real one. I'm becoming a fan of real, handwritten letters), then I went and played soccer with some Mexican immigrants at the Columbia State field. So much fun, it was just like playing back home. No one spoke English and I got to say "chinga tu madre" and they knew what I meant. Beautiful. So besides these huge blisters on my feet which are going to absolutely kill me tomorrow at work, I feel great. Whooo.


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Shandus said...

Handwritten letters are the stuff, seriously. My favorite feeling is opening the mailbox and finding a letter addressed to me. And I love writing them, although my letters this summer haven't been too interesting since I do nothing but work and knit. Haha. But I've been meaning to get your address so I could write you a can e-mail it to me if you want. (