Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Two-timing son of a...

I got stood up for my guitar lesson today. Drove all the way out there, and no one was home. Either that or the kid hid in the house until I drove off. Left a note for them to call me, but nothing so far. Man, there goes my gas money for the week.

Played soccer with my Mexican's last night. Too much individual crap, they don't realize how to play as a team. It would be different if they were as good as Kevin, but they aren't at all, so it's frusterating for me when I'm open on the wings and all they want to do is dribble into traffic. Sigh.

Talked to Tara for a while tonight, definitely counting down the days until I see her again.

Oh yeah, Shandus, if you read this - The song will be up soon, still trying to figure out how to transfer it to this computer. Sorry for the wait.

I'm out!


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Shandus said...

No problem, I'm patient!