Friday, August 13, 2004

So I had to break into my flat yesterday...

Because, after an entire lifetime of not having to lock a door, I manage to do so while leaving my keys in my room. So I broke down the screen from the window in the hallway and climbed through it onto my porch and walked in through that door. Hope no one saw me. Actually, I kinda do cause it was sooo James Bondish.

I think I need to change the title of this blog, since I haven't done a cd review in a very long time. But maybe I will, if anything of note comes out.

Seriously, can a movie get any better than this? It features Arnold Scwarswhatever in what seems to be his first attempt at speaking English, and if that wasn't enough, Wilt Chamberlain stars as the evil captain of the queen's guard. This surpasses Kareem Abdul Jabar's role as the light sensative ninja in that Bruce Lee movie as the best-movie-turn-by-a-70's-basketball-legend OF ALL TIME. And to top it off, they have this "maruauder" woman who's sole purpose is to scream and throw a stick. I love it! The best scene is when Conan is supposedly drunk, and Arnold gives his best performance until "Jingle All the Way"...which was a badass movie too, shut your mouth. Whatever happened to Sinbad? I am going to go find out now. Ok, ttyl, stay tuned.

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