Saturday, August 14, 2004

So, What if you had a movie with Screech, Sinbad, and new music from Van Halen featuring Diamond David Lee Roth?

It would just be THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Duh. Jordan and I were discussing this yesterday, and what male, ages 18-35, would not see this movie? Seriously...someone get the Cohen Brothers on this, stat.

Ate at Bucky's again today...superb.

Ok, so I was watching the Olympics today, and I caught the indoor volleyball match with the US vs. China. Anyways, I decided that super excited Chinese women have to be the most irritating thing to watch on TV...even more irritating than Friends.

You know that thing how I forget funny stuff that happened? Well I have this feeling I'm forgetting something hillarious. HILLARIOUS. Like that time a pregnant woman hit on me. Lucky for you I remembered that.

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