Tuesday, August 10, 2004

So today my crazy-ass redneck fishing experience continued...

I broke my own MWF fishing rule by going back out on a Tuesday. What can I say, I was so excited by the prospect of actually catching fish this time that I had to go back out there. AND GUESS WHAT? I caught not one, but two fish. Now, they were little pin fish, the size of my palm, but they were catches nontheless. After yesterday, nothing that happens to me can top being hitting on by the prego, but today something came close. It's around 9am, and I'm fishing off the boat ramp to avoid getting snagged in driftwood. Slowly, an early 90's Lumina, complete with Bondo on the hood, starts to drive down the ramp. First, I move my stuff out of the way. Then I start to think, "hmmm...this guy doesn't have a boat. Either he's going to kill me or kill himself by driving into the river. This will be interesting." As he is getting closer to me, he sticks his head out the window and yells to me "You seen two girls come down here?" Now, let me give you a description of this guy. For one, he has a mullet, standard issue Columbia haircut, and for kicks he's rocking a Dale Jr. T-shirt with holes in it. Now that I'm sure he's not going to kill me, I walk over and go "nope". He grunts and then backs up the ramp. I'm not sure what happened there. As with the situation yesterday, I am left feeling confused and somewhat abused by the society around me. At least he didn't kick my ass because I have earrings.

In sort of the same vein, I got a library card this afternoon. What does this have to do with fishing? Well, when I asked for a card, they wanted to see proof that I lived in this wonderful town, so I gave them my fishing license. Woman goes "Well, this'll work. People have even used food stamps before" I'm not sure that she was implying that having a fishing license is equal to being on welfare, but I was insulted. So what if the only people I've come across fishing have been on welfare? I have earrings! Bitch!

Oh, I'm listening to that Ryan Adams cd I have...still sucks.

The new McDonalds Chicken "Selects" (whatever the hell that means) are pretty good...and they gave me 6 pieces when I only ordered 3...that means I'm very full and now I have to run a lot tonight. McDonald's gives, McDonald's taketh away.

Should I grow my hair out again? I'm seriously thinking about it.


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