Thursday, August 05, 2004

So today I did absolutly nothing...

And it wasn't all that bad. Drank too much coffee again...recorded some stuff, watched the Cub's game on WGN. I mean, I caught exactly the same amount of fish I did yesterday, so while it wasn't an improvement, it wasn't a disapointment either.

You know, throughout the day, I keep telling myself I need to write stuff down later, and I forget it. There's so many more funny things I could be telling you all right now, but instead you get this. Ever wonder what you're missing?

I think at a certain age, all old women start to look to same. Provided they're not fat, then it throws everything off.

I am going to go fishing tomorrow and I am not going to catch a single thing. I already know this.

So I cooked a frozen hamburger today, and I thought it was done, and I'm eating it and halfway though I realize it's still pretty red, so I throw it in the toaster oven and cook it all the way. The question is how much of the raw burger did I eat? And if I did eat it, am I going to get food poisoning and e-coli and the like? I can't wait to wake up tomorrow to a case of the mud butt or something to that tune. Stupid frozen burgers.

I'm an SP soldier, microphone holder.


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