Tuesday, August 17, 2004

So here I sit with numbed cheeks...

Got my two cavities filled today...man, what a drag. There's nothing like the taste of sawed off tooth to start the afternoon. Of course the best part is that when I was driving home I found out that I can't say the letter "f" very well, so instead of saying "fucking idiots" when I was cursing out the driver in front of me, it came out as "fwucking idiohts."

And I'm really hungry, and I can't eat. And when I tried to spit out the stuff they gave me to swirl around in my mouth, I couldn't close my lips so the stuff just dribbled out. Fwuck!


You know why I hate living next to a hospital? Because the only people who drive to the hospital are the elderly and the sick, and those are two kinds of people I do not want driving near me.

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