Wednesday, August 11, 2004

American health insurance is totally gay
(and not in the happy, rainbow sense, but the totally gay, gay sense)

I had to go to the dentist today, because I have cavities. I don't know why, but I do. Anyways, I get there, and I give them my insurance card, which I have used for every medical encounter I have ever had. So I'm in the chair, reclined, and the front office woman comes up to me and is like "Sir, do you have a dental insurance card? This is a medical insurance card." um....excuse me, but when the hell did dental work not fall under the broad scope of medicine? It's not like if I had to get prostate surgery they'd ask if I had testicular insurance. I'm really pissed about this, for some reason. This is why universal health care is such a good thing. For one, it wouldn't put me in the akward position of trying to explain why I don't have a damned dental insurance card which I didn't think I needed to have since I have FUCKING MEDICAL INSURANCE. Secondly, I WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM. There we go. Call me a socialist, I want universal healthcare. That way I don't have to have Lou Rawls sell me Colonial Penn Life Insurance every fucking minute on AMC. Which, by the way, is not licensed in the state of New York, which means they're missing out on the mother load of old grumpy people.

AND, to top it off, I didn't get to go fishing today. Can this day get any worse? I need more coffee.

BTW, I'm reading a fascinating bio on the Carter Family. I recomend it. Do it now!

oh yes...Jenna Jamison.

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