Tuesday, August 03, 2004

So I went to the mall today...

and it was pretty much just me and a bunch of old ladies. I went to the lone "bookstore" in Columbia, which also doubles as a Hallmark store, and bought the August issue of Spin since my subscription doesn't kick in for a while. I found the cd store there, and you know, I can deal with the higher prices here, but to charge $20 for a cd I can get at best buy for $10 is a bit absurd. I know it's tough making a living and since you're the only game in town you can be outrageous, but that was too much for me.

The local music store (instruments) was nice, the guy there was very friendly and eager to help, I guess since I was the only customer in a long while. He helped me find a lap steel instruction book and ordered it for me. Should be in in about a week. Nice.

Tomorrow I will go fishing. And catch nothing, like always.

You know what I saw for the first time in a looooong time tonight? Fireflies. Cool.

I wonder if Jill popped that baby out yet.

I am officially christening this my "Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young Summer"

I have run out of things to write

Word to your mother.

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