Tuesday, May 31, 2005

You Know You Work in A Redneck Town When...
A lesson in being quiet...

This truck driver comes up to us today and goes, "Hey ya'll, I'm gonna be on CMT tonight!" and I go "What for? Were you at some concert?" and he replies "Hell no, I was at this machine gun convention in Kentucky and they interviewed me!"

Like, right there, I wanted to run away and hide.

God forbid that I ever voice my opinions on gun control here, I would probably get shot by these people and their God-given right to bear arms. But really, I'm just amazed that they have machine gun conventions, though I probably shouldn't be.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever make it to work in the morning. Toda,y I swear, my legs didn't work until at least 7am.

I'm off to sleep.


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