Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another Boring Day...

I'm on the call list at Randstad for "Light Industrial Work," which basically means I'll be doing factory assembly line crap, so whoo hoo. Right now any job is a good job. Hopefully they'll call soon.

I've seen so many things where I'm like, "I can do that!" such as sign painting and holding a sign declaring a business to be "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! MUST LIQUDATE!" I need to get connections in this town. I even took Christina's advice and looked on thefacebook.com for people in Columbia. I didn't know anyone except Stacey. And for a moment I felt lonely, which is odd, because as an only child I'm used to being alone. I've missed being with people, but I've never felt like I was lonely, like there was no one to connect with. But here, I go for days with the only people I talk face to face with being my parents. Then I talked with Jordan online this afternoon, and that was great because even though we're hundreds of miles away, it still felt like there was a connection still, a person to talk with.

Anyways, that's way more emotional than I usually get. My deepest apologies.

I might see Tara this weekend! Woot! Let's hope it all works out.


Record of the Week - Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth


Shandus said...

I feel you...Other than online conversations, I haven't talked to anyone but my parents and job interview people since I moved to Maryville. I'm dying to make friends.

brittany said...

you're such a sap sometimes eric. btw, i know you miss HEB, who wouldn't. HEB rocks my socks off. i feel like i never talk to you anymore! maybe someday...

Sam Dorgan said...

Dear Eric,
Your words brought tears to my eyes. I don't mean to be insensitive to your situation but...wait...do you hear that? its the smallest violin playing "My Heart Bleeds For You."
haha come on laugh...I'm just giving you a hard time...geez I didn't think you'd take it so hard. Ok fine fine you can come visit me up in Ohio. I'll drop you off at the Hustler Superstore then you can walk to Solid Rock Church redeem yourself under the 50ft. tall arms of forgiveness belonging to the radical evanaglistic church's enormous statue of Jesus Christ submerged in a man made pond.
Best Regards,