Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Should I Be Surprised...

That the fat girl I work with has Ho-Ho flavored lip gloss? You know, the little cake thing made by Hostess? It's authenticity was confirmed by Suzanne, the grossly overweight fork lift driver, who I firmly believe has eaten or smelled many, many Ho-Ho's in her life.

The driver of the Old Dominion Freight truck, Elton, is this late 60'sish fat guy who just says the most random and hillarious stuff, so in a semi-regular feature, I bring you Elton's Words of Wisdom, uncensored and uncut.

Elton's Wisdom for the Day:
"That shit we smoked in the 70's, that was good shit. I'd take 3 hits and I'd be outta my head. I had this budy once, took two hits, woke up in a park with ducks shitting on him."



christina said...

hmm, sounds like you've made some pretty amazing friends. let's hope they don't steal my bffl status!

Shandus said...

And I thought MY co-workers were interesting!