Thursday, May 19, 2005


So, I wake up early every day (around 7:30-8am), and while I drink my coffee, I watch TV. Now, as we don't have cable TV, I'm stuck with whatever is on the standard channels. Luckily for me, we have 4 out of 13 stations devoted to religion (and another 3 for the wonders of Home Shopping). This means I have my choice of televangelists to watch each morning. These guys seriously make me laugh so hard. They range from little kids shows to a guy who answers letters adressing topics as:

"What happened to the other races during Noah's flood?"
'Well, John in Deluth, it says God made Noah take 2 of every 'flesh.' So that means all other races were part of that. Thank the Lord the white man was there to save them."

But by far, my favorite guy is Benny Hinn.">

This guy is amazing. He wears white suits (or today, since he was in Nigiria, a white dashiki) and says God speaks directly to him. He has this weird accent, and I think he's from Israel, so it's even more hillarious. He's one of those guys who pushes people and says they are healed and grabs people and says that their cancer is gone. Today, he told this story about how this woman's daughter isn't in Hell, because God told him so. This guy totally reminds me of that John Edwards psychic weirdo, because he's so vague and creepy. Anyways he makes me laugh really hard, and I need that in the morning.
Did you know Tony Danza has a talk show? Wow. I'll be glad to be working and not have to watch this stuff.

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