Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Tribute to Frank Brickowski...

When I was younger, I used to collect basketball cards. I would spend my weekly allowence on Upper Deck or Fleer cards that I'd buy at the Stop 'N Go, praying I would get a Michael Jordan card (which I did once. Thanks, God.). Anyways, more likely than not I would get a bunch of no-name players and occasionaly a 6th man (Once I got an Kevin McHale card, that was awesome).

There was one player, however, that I always seemed to get. Frank Brickowski. Frank played for a lot of teams, even the Spurs.

I always got his card when he played for the Bucks. I hate him and his stupid crew cut. His presence in my pack of cards automatically meant that Michael Jordan was not in that pack. Why would Air Jordan waste his time with lowly Frank Brickowski? I did some research and found out Frank went to UPenn, and averaged like 11pts a game. lists his carrer average at 10ppg. If Frank was anything, he was consistent. According to a Google search, Frank is more known for knocking Dennis Rodman on his ass in the 1996 NBA finals (when he played for the Sonics) than anything else on the court, even more than winning the 6th man of the year award in 1992. To quote from, "a 6-9 rough and tumble player full of fire and grit -- and with very few actual skills at the time--made the team." And I always got his card.

Anyways, I hate Frank Brickowski.


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