Monday, May 02, 2005

Spurs vs. Nuggets: A Comparison by Uniforms
(aka Why The Nuggets Suck)

So I'm watching the Spurs game, and there's something that the Nuggets exude that just makes me think, "Geez, they suck," and I think I finally figured out what it is. Their uniforms. Seriously, let's take a look at the two "classic" uniforms from both the Spurs and Nuggets. First up, the Spurs:

Ok, first of, note the classic design of this uniform; The Spurs logo square on the center, black and white colors, pretty much the best uniform ever. George Gervin is also posed in a classic shot, looking like the Iceman he is. Now, let's look at the classic Nuggets uniform:

Can anything get worse than this? I can barely describe this thing without choking. Those colors should not be combined. Forest Green? Red and Black? Yellow? Who designed this crap? And Dan Issel? Is this not the most awkward pose ever? He's like the antithesis of George Gervin: White and horrible. I mean, he's nowhere near the rim. I bet he couldn't even dunk on a kidde hoop. Now, a look at the Spurs uniform of today:

Again, classic. Nothing has really changed in the basic design. It's still black and white, the Spurs logo is still in the center, albeit slightly updated, but still the same basic theme. And Tim Duncan has an air of confidence that just says "Winner." Now, the Nuggets of today:

Uh, pardon me, but baby blue has never looked good on athletes. I think the Clippers tried it once. Anyone remember the Phillies uniforms that were baby blue? HORRIBLE. Things don't change. These uniforms suck. Look at Carmelo. He's like "Dear God, trade me now. I feel so gay. Why couldn't I have been the number one pick and played for the Cavs? God, I hate Dan Issel."

And that is why the Nuggets suck.



Your Wind said...

Eric you are so right. It all makes sense to me now. Thank you for clearing it all up. Boy would I hate to be a Nugget! GO SPURS NUETER THE NUGGETS! WHOOP WHOOP!

ittybitty said...

baby blue is hot. :P GO SPURS GO!

Shandus said...