Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Summer in Columbia, Day 1...

Today, my only goal was to go apply for a job at various places around town. I mean, who needs a summer break? Give me work now. Anyways, I applied at Hewgly's Music Store and was told no because they only had two employees but to keep trying because, "one of us has to leave sometime." Yeah, sure. Then I went over to House Blend Coffee Shop and asked and was given an application but no indication of whether they were hiring or not. Then I drove down to the mall and walked around. At the Dollar Tree, they had a huge sign saying "NOW HIRING." Now, I figure that they don't pay a lot, but hey, a job is a job right now, so I went in and asked. This is how it went down:

I walk into the store and the woman behind the counter immediately runs off to the back. So I wait around for about 5 min and walk around the store. Eventually she comes back. I walk up to her.

Me: Hey there, are you still hiring?
Her: Uh, no. (Walks away very quickly)

Now, I don't want to think bad things. I want to believe that people are nice people. But I have reason to believe that because I don't fit the clientle of the Dollar Tree (fat, black, and female) there was no way I was going to get a job. Or if that's not the case, they need to take down the sign and quit giving me hope for employment.

So far, the best opportunity I've seen is for pizza delivery. And I'm seriously considering it. Papa Johns or Dominos? Such a quandry.

Anyways, that's the main excitement for today, woot.


P.S. Christina, if you have those pictures from when we were all sitting on that deer...I'd like them :)


amazing photo supplier :) said...

sure do. and they're pretty hot. i'll send them your way right............nowwwwww.

Someone in SAN AN said...

it's cause you live in some random town in tennessee and not garden ridge. there's always a job when there's clay pots and fake plants involved. (I've never been they have that stuff?)

Shandus said...

hahaha. I really laughed a lot at this entry. I feel your pain though. Finding a job is a bitch. I hate it when I go in stores, ask if they're accepting applications, and they say, "Sure. We're always accepting applications." I'd rather them just say, "we're not hiring right now. sorry."

Anyway, good luck with the job hunt. Pending a drug test and a background check, I'll be working at Home Depot soon.

someone whose dog you abused said...

i know how you feel. dover job corps hates me. i'm sure they'd hate you to if you were here, but i probably wouldn't. you're hot. hang in there.