Thursday, June 02, 2005

After Listening to Chicago's Greatest Hits...

I can safely say that the opening chords of "25 or 6 to 4" are the most rocking that band ever got. And I still don't know what that title even means.

(Props to Christina for figuring it out: "well, when you multiply 6 and 4, you get 24. and that's one less than 25. so it's like, "should i stay awake for 24 hours, or go that extra hour and make it 25?". Tomorrow, I will eat a crepe in your honor.)

I'm off work tomorrow, basically because there's not enough to do. I have this feeling I'll be fired soon. Oh well. It's not because I'm doing a bad job. If I were Kent, I'd fire me too. What's the point of paying me to just sit around and do Megan's work for her when she can obviously do it herself. Maybe the orders will pick up soon, who knows.

Spurs won last night! whoo! NBA Finals! I wish I was in SA for that.


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