Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Most Awesome Flea Market in the World...
Is in Louisville, KY. True story.

Eric vs. Byron: The Short-Lived Epic Battle.
My neck really hurts today, the above being the culprit of it's stiffness. But going to FLOYDS KNOBS, IN to see Gub and the Eichen-family was a load of fun, especially the bowling game in which Amanda "Comanda" Perkins coined the term "playing unplugged" when she barely rolled the ball down the lane. And I totally smoked her in swimming too, therefore relieving me of my duties as "Worlds Slowest Swimmer." And I saw the Knobs. And a giant dinosaur.
Now, must prepare for Spurs game. Spurs must win. Spurs shall win. Please.

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christina said...

man, you make me wanna go to indiana. sounds like a good time was had. talk to you soon, bffl!