Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why yes, I would like a back massage, thank you...

Today, on the way home after I taught the guitar lesson, I waved at every car I passed. No one waved back. I hope they were thinking, "Do I know that guy?" and got confused. But I still expected people to be friendlier. Geez.

My back really, really hurts. Let's hear it for all the backorders coming in on one day and only one UPS Liason there to handle it. (I'm calling myself that after watching a "That 70's Show" episode where Eric gets a job at the dog food factory as the 'Coupon Liason,' which actually means he puts coupons in bags of dog food).

Probably going to be in IN this weekend, visiting Gub and hurting myself water skiing. I can't get away from pain.


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