Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Yea! Rich, Chocolately Ovaltine!

To whomever left me the message on my cell phone that was simply a playing of "Come on! Feel the Illinoise" (which, as you might know, is my favorite song right now): I love you.

Today, the girl I work with (and loathe), Megan, says,
"Are you trying to be a Mini Knight?"
Me: "What?"
Megan: "You know, those guys who ride the horses and buggies, with the long beards"
Me: "Oh, you mean a Mennonite, I thought you said a Mini Knight."
Megan: "Yeah, that's it."
Me: "No."

I really dislike her. I sometimes feel sorry for her (which is bad because I shouldn't be judging her) but then she goes, unprovoked, "I'm a bitch, got a problem?" and I realize that she just wants attention and thinks that if she acts tough she will get that attention. She loves to call me an idiot when I do something incorrectly (despite the fact she won't get off her ass to show me how it's done in the first place), and she acts like she's so smart when she shows me how to do something on the UPS computer program (which she has used for a year...me, uh, 2 weeks). It's really exasperating. When I can work by myself, I get things done quickly. But when I have to work with her, it's tough to be motivated due to her constant badgering and laziness. Sigh. I'm sure she complains about me too, and sometimes it would be justified (like when I turned off the computer waaay to early, lol), but I just wish she could be nice for once.


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