Monday, June 27, 2005

Conversation of the Week...
And it's only Monday

Refering to Kyle and my boss at the Curb, Bill Scheddin:

KyleD901: bills is tight like that
ericdomk: what a pimp...we should throw a party for him
KyleD901: dude... doing it
KyleD901: end of next semester... bill party
KyleD901: i'll buy the booze
ericdomk: shit kicking bill-fest
KyleD901: with CEC money
KyleD901: lolKyleD901: he will enjoy that
KyleD901: shitkicking Bill-fest... still laughing about that one
ericdomk: hand out one will understand but the HSM's
KyleD901: nah dude we will stick a picture of his face on the keg
ericdomk: HAHA...yes
KyleD901: and make him do a keg stand


1 comment:

Ballz said...

Damn Straight... the shit-kicking Billfest will be immaculate. Horray for good bosses.