Friday, January 28, 2005

I Don't Understand it...

Am I the only person who's not swept away by the latest Bright Eyes releases? I mean, they're ok, but they're not anything close to "an American masterpiece." It's not like he's doing anything original...folk? Throw a mandolin on it? Brilliant! I even prefer the elctro-album to the folk one. The story at the beginning of the first folk song? I nearly threw up. Spare me the fake dramatics, Conor. Reminded me of the endless car ride clip at the beginning of "Lifted" that almost made me never listen to that disc again. (although I would have missed "From a Balance Beam, the true genius track on there.) I think people were so inundated with propaganda saying that this was going to be amazing that they're afraid to speak out. I am not. I've had these records for 2 months, and I've been hoping that they would grow on me so I could fit in, but they haven't. Kids, bright eyes is not the savior of music. Bright Eyes isn't even our generations Elliott Smith. Quit giving him God status.

I know, I know, listen to the lyrics. I try, but all I hear is nasal whine, nasal whine. Perhaps this guy is like Mitch said, "There hasn't been a Dylan song that hasn't improved when someone else records it."

So, I think the thing here is we need a Bright Eyes cover album.

Someone get Dave Matthews on this.


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