Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I was flipping channels on the TV, and I ran across a Sarah McLaughlin concert. Now it's not the fact that I didn't change the channel that I am ashamed of. It's the fact that during the hour long program I knew a surprising number of the songs. Like more than half. And Lord help me, I was singing along to "Adia" for the first verse before I caught myself. My indie cred has been beaten to a pulp.

But wait!

I found the Columbia hipster hangout. It's the coffee shop I'd been avoiding on West 7th, House Blend. I gathered up the courage to go there today, and I was pleasently surprised. I ordered a cappucino and sat there and read "Dr. Zhivago," which I hope I can finish before I have to get back to school. It's quite good.

Jon A is comming to town tomorrow. Must remember all the stupid jokes now...think, Eric, think!


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