Thursday, December 15, 2005

Things I Want To Do Over Break: The List

  1. Mount the speakers on the wall
  2. Figure out how to hook up my DVD player to that old TV
  3. Write a decent song
  4. Fix my car cd player/install a new one if that fails
  5. Read All The Kings Men, as recommended by Ashley Strosnider
  6. Find a good coffee place, or at least some diner where I can just sit and drink black coffee and read
  7. Practice the violin
  8. Work out every day
  9. Read more books
  10. Find a way to heat my basement
  11. Hook up a cable from my computer to the Stereo Reciever in the main room
  12. Write
  13. Play with my dog
  14. Eat at Bucky's Diner w/ my dad
  15. commadeer a drum set from the school music dept.

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