Thursday, December 08, 2005

Feeling a bit daring....

I'll upload some more fun music that I recorded this summer. This was the original incarnation of the "Cigars" short story (, I just used cigarettes because it sounded better, lol. The bass is too loud, but it was one of those instances where I had to mix down b/c my computer was threatening to shut down on me and I never bothered fooling w/ it again. Also, I think the chorus is kinda lame. Enjoy!

"Cigarettes and Dusty Roads" - Dime Store Keats

For this one, I was obsessed with creating a song similar to "The Moon" by The Microphones, but with keyboards. I just don't think I got there. But that's the reason for the distorted organs and obscured vocals. But there's no excuse for the Yamaha keyboard drums. None at all.
Fun fact - during the "interlude," for the metallic drum sound, I used a soccer ball and hit it with a drumstick.

My Streets Have Names - Dime Store Keats


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