Sunday, December 25, 2005


Maybe I was a bit overly cynical on the last post, but I do think some of my statements are valid. Anyways, Christmas has come and gone, and all in all today wasn't too bad. My mom bought me a new wallet, but she bought an eel skin one, so it's all shiny and looks like something a pimp would use. So I talked my dad into trading with me. Sorry, Dad. They also got me that book by Bob Katz that I wanted, so I've been going through that most of the day, he has some pretty good pointers.

I'm working on a short story that's turning out to not be very short at all, maybe I'll figure out its direction soon. I don't know how writers are supposed to write, but I find myself not knowing the ending of whatever I write until I get there. I'm just not good at formulating things like fiction beforehand. So yeah, Merry Christmas, world.



ryan(stuffy) said...

are you gonna post the story or something?

tina said...

i think you should have kept the wallet. we all know you're a pimp.