Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just When I Was Coming to Terms With Religious Institutions...

This crap happens. Read the article, then read what I have to say.

So this is just flat out ridiculous. Ever wanted to just yell out curses in the middle of church, just to shock people into reality? Maybe that's just me, but I want to do that to this preacher so badly. This sort of stuff is what angers me so much about The Suburban Christian. They're in an insular world, shielded from, as the preacher puts it "all that revelry going on," and giving themselves a pat on the collective back and giving away a $120,000 house. WTF. Of all the things that a church can do, such as get off its ass and maybe help people, these idiots plan on serving themselves a nice big piece of "We're Holier Than You," complete with "Twelve finalists — symbolizing the 12 apostles," as if they needed religous symbolism to make this act of selfishness palpable.

And this guy who builds it, he charges the church for this? I mean, let those fools do as they may, but at least give the thing away. Or maybe, here's a f*cking good idea, use that $53,000 you used to build a house for a probably non-deserving American family and sent it someplace like Sudan where they are wiping out more Christians than these people can even comprehend. Who actually understand the meaning of sacrifice. Maybe you can save a child from death instead of chanelling money into a f*cking tax write off.

This, this is why I cannot identify, nor wish to identify, with Christianity as it is today. Instead of helping people, these zealots do the best they can to seal themselves off from the world and live like a commune, shielding people from the "dangers" of life, when in reality, they are the most dangerous group of people in the world. In the best possible scenario, whoever wins this thing will sell it and use the money to set up a soup kitchen. Or build a school in Africa. Who knows. In reality, the person who wins this will probably praise God for helping them, focusing on the "me, me, me" mentality of Christians (i.e. "God's plan for MY life"), move into this house and go in to debt decorating it to keep up apperances. All the while praising God's plan for their lives. Disgusting. Please, prove me wrong.


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