Monday, December 12, 2005


I need some things to occupy my time while I'm in Columbia over the break, so if anyone has ideas of things that I can do, let me know. I've already decided I would read books. But I need something else, ok? I can only handle the hateful stares of the Maury Co. librarians for so long. Maybe I'll write a song? Give me subject matter and I will write one for you. Really, people, it's going to be boring. I need entertainment. Anything!


P.S. I just bought Illinoise on vinyl, which is the perfect medium for that music. Plus the artwork looks so much better when it's record sleeve size.


Ben said...

1) Write a song about how no one releases records on vinyl anymore. It should be called "If I Had A Noseful of Nickels, I'd Blow Them All On You"

2) Finish a complete Dime Store Keats album. The name of that one I leave to you.

3) Did Sufjan Stevens really release Illinoise on vinyl?

4) Native Boy is... spectacular.
"It's kept out what could be the key
between what I say and what I mean"... BITCH!

ryan(stuffy) said...

damn skippy

christina said...

bake lots of cookies and write some really bad poetry about how you wish it would snow so that columbia would feel a little bit like iowa.

Lauren said...

1. make some awesome mix tapes.

2. go to henderson, ky (without charles).

3. write short stories to entertain me.

I'll try to think of more...

Shandus said...

- take up crocheting.

- visit the zoo.

- invent a new ice cream flavor.

- watch disney movies.

- playing with your rocking horse and pretend to be a cowboy.

- make a collage.

- get lit and jump off your roof.