Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Outlet!

So our Tuesday night group is off the ground now, and we've started a blog to publish what we've written for each meeting. The address is:

Check it out if your curious, this weeks topic was "People who we know, but don't know their names." Thus my three haikus about the fat kid I saw at a greek festival. Next week promises to be a bit more substantial. We're writing off the quote from Dead Poet's Society, "words and ideas can change the world." I'm keeping the link on the right side of the blog in case you ever want to visit it. The writers are: Ashley Strosnider, Shadndus Valentine, Ryan Stufflebam, Tara McDonough, Lauren Winfield, and myself.



christina said...

shandus, ashley, eric.........i love you three with all my being. thank you for being so darn creative and amazing.

ashley!!! said...

chyeah. we are awesome.