Monday, September 05, 2005


Ok, I will attempt to write about everything I've meant to write about in the past few days.

First off, a letter I just wrote my dad...

hey dad,
I'm reading a book, Out of the Silent Planet, by C.S. Lewis, and it's a science fiction book, writen before anyone had ventured into actual space. Anyways, there's something in there that I'm fairly sure isn't possible, and that is the main character hearing the sounds of meteroites hitting their space craft. Now, I base my disagreement with this solely on a Superman comic book that I read in middle school, where Superman is in space and realizes that he can breathe in a spacecraft because he can hear sound, and you can only hear sound in atmosphere. However, because the character in the book is inside a craft w/ breathable air, would the sound of something hitting the outside the walls be translated into sound inside the craft? Or would the sound just be non-existant?

Anyone have an answer for that one? If you can beat the physics teacher to the answer, I will give you a gold star.

Next, the topic of "Dirty Dancing"...

I finally saw enough of that movie to know that it is ok to make rash judgements on it. Now, inane dialogue and plot aside, my main problem with this movie is their choice of music. It is from my observations on the dress and automobiles in the movie that I can conclude that the movie is set sometime in the 1950's or 60's. The music director was placed in an interesting position of having period-correct music during the dancing scenes, and 80's music (when the movie was made) as the film's soundtrack. These two elements are allowed to coexist, as annoyingly as it is, and the separtation between the two is kept up until the end scene. I consider this to be an affront to anyone who knows anything about production quality and basically, music. The end song "I've had the time of my life" is obviously an 80's song, yet the characters are singing and dancing to it like it was a freaking Guy Lombardo hit. This is just wrong. It smacks of 1980's studio production. The snare is artificially huge. The duet is extremely 1980's. How did this happen? What a mistake.

ok, done for now.



Anonymous said...

dirty dancing is still one of the best movies of my life, and i won't let your elitist music comments take that opinion away from me. the end.

-ed said...

haha, who wrote that?

ryan(stuffy) said...

here we go honors boy.
ok, so there are meteorites hitting the outside of the ship, there's no air in space and there's air in the ship. sound exists inside the ship, but not in space due to the lack of medium.
i have thus concluded that yes, you would hear the meteorites hitting the ship because they are hitting the outside of the ship, making the ship vibrate, and those vibrations produce sound within the ship. on the other hand, if you were outside the ship, you wouldn't hear it, only see it.
do i win?

tina said...

fine! it was me, i wrote it. and it's still true :)

Anonymous said...

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