Friday, April 08, 2005

Do teachers plan these things out??

Dr. Thorndike asks us to write a WebCT post about what our group is covering in our presentations, so that means two of us are writing about the exact same thing. Well, Kate beat me to the post, so instead of just repeating what she wrote, I hammered out this gem of a WebCT post...
Yeah...ditto what Kate wrote.  The topics we will be covering will raise
moral and ethical questions that you, the students, are afraid to ask in
polite company, such as, "Cocaine, I hear a lot about it from my older
brother that lives in the basement, but what exactly does it do?" and,
"What do I need to write on the back of these evaluation slips?" We're
using some pretty sweet books, the covers look well planned out, kudos to
the design teams. A potential field trip to seedier sides of Nashville
is being evaluated by President Fisher and his people. Ok, not really,
but it will be entertaining. I promise.

So this is probably the most worthless thing I've ever written for that class. And I love it.


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