Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You're That Guy!!

"Yeah, I know that guy. Wait a minute, I was the only kid with a real band in high school, and some people thought I was kind of a rock star, dammit...I hate you guys. I am that kid." - Kyle.

Ok, we all knew this was true in our subconsious, but it came to the startling forefront during dinner tonight. 99% of the male population at Belmont is "that guy." So, what does "that guy" mean? Ok, remember that guy in high school who was just a little left of center? The guy who wore the Modest Mouse t-shirt and had the random emo band patch on their bookbag? The guy who played guitar and was in choir? The guy who dyed his hair and styled it into a faux-hawk? The kid who wore jeans that were just too tight? The guy who watched independant films and swore that documentaries were cool? The kid who was voted in their high school yearbook as "most likely to sit on a street corner in Memphis and play his guitar?"( Um, yeah...fuck you SMH) That one kid from every high school across America? He now goes to Belmont.

We are a collection of band nerds, drama geeks, emo kids, and glam rockers. And we are not ashamed anymore.

The kids who wanted to dress like punk rockers but couldn't cause they would have gotten their asses beat in HS? They're dressed to the nines here. The kid who fronted that shitty band that played that shitty club in your hometown once? Yeah, he's forming a band here...and they still suck.

Because the female population here is so high compared to the guys, the girls who fall into the "that guy" category seem slim, but they're there too. They're just outweighed by the All-region choir girls, and the girls that sang in the church choir who are here as "Classical Voice Majors" or "Commercial Voice Majors" which is just street for "Please Marry Me Cause I Will Never Have A Real Career Major." Or Ebonics for "Housewife."

Yeah...you're that guy.

Great Exchange of the Night:
Eric- man, I think the gay black guy on the real world must be faking it...I bet they're paying him a lot to be a faux-homo
Sara-: haha no way
Eric- way...the dude is too ghetto to like the man
Eric-I can't believe I just admitted I watch the real world

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