Friday, September 24, 2004

I knew this was going to happen....

Seriously, I'm convinced the Kerry campaign really wants me to hate him. There's some guy working at his headquarters that's all like, "Hey, remember how everyone said that we were picking John Edwards to appeal to women voters because he's somewhat attractive, and we were all like 'No way, homes, we chose Edwards for his vast political experience?' Well you know what, we lied!"

And I'm all at home, being like, "Man, I wish that John Kerry would give me a reason to like him. Bush, while incompetent, still is a much better leader than this man. But maybe there's something to him that they haven't revealed yet, something magical."


Man, Kerry campaign, this is low. I mean, I knew it was only a matter of time before you told the "political experience" card to go screw itself and reveal your true intentions, but somewhere in me I wanted you to prove me wrong. But you didn't. And I was right. Yet again.

Democrats, can't you see your error? Is it too late to jump off the ship? You might think that a Bushless US is better, but do you realize you're giving us a Kerry US, which is worse? Give me Howard Dean least he showed some moxy. And he wasn't all like "Hey man, I'm a moderate" and then go and vote like fucking Ted Kennedy on pot. Dean was honest. He was like "Hey man, I like the gays...I let them marry. So what." Again, the man had balls.

Bush has balls too. Though often times his ball-reaction is wrong, at least he has them. I bet Kerry's got shot off in 'Nam. Oh wait, did he get a medal for that? Someone look into that.

John Kerry...the eunuch.

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